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Around one hundred people, many of them teenagers, were hospitalized for drinking too much during a concert headlined by Chance the Rapper in Connecticut Friday night.

"I think I was fifteen the first time I went to Dahlia’s. The only reason anyone went there was because they served underage."

The dragnet, carried out over six months, found that 58 percent of the pharmacies, bodegas, and grocery stores hit were willing to bag up booze for undercover youngsters posing as wild and crazy kids.

"The owners knew or should have known of the alleged activity being conducted in the subject premises and have intentionally conducted, maintained or permitted the aforementioned public nuisance."

She also reportedly said, 'If you don’t let me in, the governor will be calling.'

Fifteen Brooklyn bodegas and liquor stores having been busted for selling booze to undercover minors since the investigation started on April 17.

A 17-year-old driver with blood alcohol of 0.11 crashed a car, killing his passenger.

Even stacks of cash can't steady the frenetic bouncing of teenage hormones, a ground-breaking story in today's Post reveals.

The SLA sent a fleet of "volunteer minors" into liquor stores around the city as part of a week-long sting operation, ultimately resulting in the bust of 76 businesses around the five boroughs.