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A 69-year-old Queens woman of Puerto Rican descent successfully fended off an attacker shouting "Get the fuck out of my country! You should be deported!"

If you don't want to look like a total fashion n00b, you better embrace technology and stuff your face into the umbrella of the future.

The Bronx resident who is accused of killing one person in a double stabbing during a street fight over an umbrella has been charged with murder.

Don't Put Your Wet Umbrella On That Seat You Reprobate.

Cavon Telfair—brother of NBA player Sebastian Telfair—has been accused of beating up Lincoln High School dean Shawn O'Connor with a black umbrella after O'Connor accused him of throwing rocks at the school faculty.

Can this umbrella make us less stabby on the sidewalks next time it rains?

A victory for cats everywhere today (rachel citron's flickr) Last week,

Medea (via Daily News) A man who allegedly beat his mother-in-law's

Just days after a judge sentenced a teen to two years

Good news, New Yorkers. There's a new umbrella in town that