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WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE CELEBRITY SIBLINGS. Gentrification is such a nightmare.

Jack Jordan, Uma Thurman's stalker, thinks his half-million bail is too high.

After being busted for harassing the her again recently, Uma Thurman's

Uma Thurman's stalker has been keeping a low profile for two years,

Photograph of Diane Passage at the Dance Parade from Pole Riders

Diane Passage (via Poleriders) The tale of accountant-turned-alleged Ponzi scammer Kenneth

Poor Tanya Hollander. When the 36-year-old holistic health counselor tried to make

Earlier this week, a judge decided that a man found guilty of

Jack Jordan, the man convicted of stalking actress Uma Thurman, received a

Photo courtesy AP/Louis Lanzano UPDATE: Jack Jordon was convicted of stalking and