Ultra orthodox jews

"If it was in a Black community, he would've been arrested immediately. Even after the mayor and governor called for his arrest, for him not to be in police custody says something about the New York City police department."
They could have faced 25 years for gang assault, but pleaded down to "unlawful imprisonment."
An outsider takes a ride to Midtown in the Mitzvah Tank.
"Please leave and go home."
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews from the anti-Zionist Satmar sect were bused into Manhattan's Foley Square yesterday to protest an Israeli plan to draft Yeshiva students into the army.
Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes claims he's worked vigorously to get an alleged child molester extradited from Israel, but evidence suggests otherwise.
Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes is trying to neutralize criticism of his handling of child sex abuse cases in ultra-Orthodox communities.
Some 40,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews packed Citi Field last night for a rally warning about the evils of the Internet. If you're curious about what went on inside, look no further than the Internet
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