On Monday, state legislators announced plans for a hearing on March 4th over whether to grant the city’s new mayor continued control over the nation’s largest school system.
The city had originally required all school staff—teachers, administrators, and other employees—to be vaccinated by September 27th.
Proponents welcomed the mayor’s decision to require shots for education staff, but unions are threatening legal action.
In announcing the union’s endorsement, UFT president Michael Mulgrew said his members needed someone who knows what it takes to get things done.
The event, which featured only four of the leading candidates, amounted to an interview process for the union, which has yet to announce who it is endorsing for mayor.
A spokesperson for City Hall said, "This action is necessary to avoid painful layoffs."
“I’m afraid it’s going to crash and burn."
"Things that are not getting done the way they need to be."
"We need to talk to our members, talk about the potential for a big action," one teacher said.
Some teachers say they’re still in the dark about crucial logistics about social distancing, lunch and cleaning protocols.
“It is the worst possible thing to try and teach music on Zoom. Yet, I am here.”
“We have to prepare ourselves for a very non-linear experience,” the mayor said Friday.
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