NYC Global Welcome Ambassador Taylor Swift better watch out, because Bono is coming for her title.
"It seems like we have come full circle from when The Joshua Tree songs were originally written, with global upheaval, extreme right wing politics and some fundamental human rights at risk."
He joined them for "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and "Stand By Me."
The woman who called 911 after Bono's accident in Central Park last year wants you to know that New Yorkers are mean.
Bono is apparently going through his Thin White Duke phase.
U2 seems to enjoy forcing their music on people unexpectedly.
Bono has written about his "freak accident" and the injuries he's suffered.
"You know, when Bono goes cycling he likes to dress up as a Hasidic Jew," said the adult man who goes by the moniker The Edge.
At least watch The Boss belt out "Where The Streets Have No Name."
You'll be able to watch the concert in Times Square... or on YouTube.
According to a post on U2's website, Bono had to have surgery to repair an arm injury; U2 has also cancelled its weeklong Fallon residency.
In the latest legal tidbit out of the Spider-Man war, we learn about the time Bono, drunk with a bevy of babes, was unable to help save his show.
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