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The Knicks vs. the Heat (Knicks Facebook) The Knicks continued their

They're 9-21, five games out, staring upwards at three teams trying to lose on purpose and a Nets team that's shockingly bad.

Besides losing to the Bobcats, Tyson Chandler sustained a knee injury.

After their roughest stretch of the season, the Knicks needed a winning week to get their legs. And they got it, even if it was far from perfect.

After a tight first half, Knicks-Nets round three looked like it could go either way...until the Knicks took control in the third quarter, cruising to a 100-86 victory.

Is Jeremy Lin the real deal or just a two-game wonder?

"He brings everything that we didn't have...We got a lot better, real quick," coach Mike D'Antoni said of the newest Knick, center Tyson Chandler.

According to Yahoo, the Knicks are on the verge of signing center Tyson Chandler to a four year/$58 million deal. And the Post reported the Knicks were also close to signing aging forward Grant Hill.

The Knicks clinched a losing record for the season with their 100-88