Tyra banks

Models in swimsuits. Athletes in swimsuits. Athletes with models in swimsuits.
Guys? This is probably the best celebriture story you'll hear this week.
Tyra Banks can now add "New York Times bestselling author" to her resume. But the title was already tarnished by Snooki anyway.
Today Tyra Banks will air her "daytime exclusive" with a 34-year-old
The Sesame Street gang is stopping by today's Tyra, and we've got
Tyra Banks gives the thumbs up to the Le Gamin truck
Photograph by Warner Bros./Michael Loccisano Tyra Banks is bringing back her
A Brooklyn supermarket has one less employee today and Tyra Banks one
Sketch by Jane Rosenberg Tyra Banks took the stand today in
Yesterday's re-do of America's Next Top Model (under 5'7") auditions was
Many model wanna-be's—those under 5'7" and between 18 and 27 years
After the last month's open casting call for America's Next Top
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