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Currently MTA workers can be vaccinated or get tested each week.
"It’s humiliating, I haven’t even told my family," one bus driver who was spat on said.
'The easy thing to understand is that this does increase the strain on the MTA's budget. The harder thing to figure out is by how much.'
"It's stress from one end to the other," one former driver said.
He faces as many as seven years in prison.
The MTA says that its advertising contractor deemed the ads to be political, which isn't allowed.
Citi Bike counters that the new design is "sleeker, more comfortable."
"I think a lot of it is, people who have a license and are not under the influence, but are driving too fast. I still think that's our number one problem, and not being mindful and not respecting pedestrians."
"There's no evidence that police action was warranted in this instance."
Paul Roper, 48, is charged with felony leaving the scene of a collision involving death, failure to yield to a pedestrian, and failure to exercise due care.
An NYPD spokesperson says that the driver of the bus has not been located, and that the investigation is ongoing.
Warning beeps for pedestrians, and bus drivers.
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