Police have arrested a 20-year-old man for allegedly stabbing an MTA conductor multiple times in the Bronx this weekend.
In the infamous words of the MTA, "allow additional travel time."
The contract will be presented to the executive board meeting tomorrow, and employees will vote on it within the next two weeks.
The Post also notes the victim, who had the right of way, had methadone in his system.
"The notion that you have to lock up bus drivers, simply because they’re involved in an accident, is just plain wrong."
The average transit worker salary will be $75,000, according to one analysis of the deal.
Stephen Herbert, an agent at the West 4th Street station, allegedly brushed off a woman in her eighties who was trying to purchase a senior card.
Former MTA Commissioner Joe Lhota was nowhere to be seen at last night's mass transit panel for mayoral candidates. Did the TWU purposefully snub Lhota? Or does Lhota's campaign have some serious organizational issues?
"Everything [the MTA has] told you is obfuscation and pie-in-the-sky...They're not gonna save anybody. They walked out of here with no plan to stop anybody from dying this week, next week, or next year."
The Transit Workers Union has unveiled their latest campaign aimed at slowing down the speed of trains as they enter subway stations.
The MTA's largest union, TWU Local 100, will be operating without a new contract for a full year Wednesday–and it looks like it is ready to play ball again.
The subway motorman who ran over a Queens father with a Q train earlier this week was so traumatized by the event that he had to be taken to the hospital.
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