Two bridges

Community groups are using the latest rulings to push for efforts to rezone the neighborhood altogether.
This is the fourth water main break in Manhattan this year.
The New Fuzhou Supermarket held down the corner of Henry and Rutgers for years.
'The message is that the rule of law applies to people who want to spend a lot of money building big buildings in New York. In 2019, that is a change.'
The decision marked a significant and stunning defeat for a high-profile development that would have dramatically raised the skyline along the Lower East Side and Chinatown waterfront.
As a result of the ruling, JDS now needs to negotiate development rights with a neighboring lease holder in order to build a planned 1,008-foot residential tower.
'These are huge towers,' Judge Arthur Engoron said. 'I’ve lived in the city my whole life. You can’t just do this because the zoning allows it. I just can’t believe this is the case.'
The 'intersection of grit and glamour' is both everywhere and nowhere at all.
Samuel Yoo's Two Bridges outpost offers updated spins on comfort classics.
A coalition of community groups are suing the city to stop a multi-billion dollar mega development of four high-rise towers that some locals fear will greatly exacerbate gentrification.
'What I deserve is light and air and a decent place to live.'
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