Someone called Bret Stephens a "bedbug" on Twitter. Then the jokes really started flying.
Good morning to everyone except this local bagel shop menace.
Parker has since deleted the tweet, but the Internet remembers everything.
'They may have banned me from Twitter, but now I'm HANDCUFFED to Twitter.'
Holy shit, what's next? Ice-T is gonna tell us he's never tried iced tea?!
King and his wife believe that it was retaliation for his civil rights activism
A HuffPost story revealed an anti-Muslim extremist troll was the sister of the owner of the beer and food shop Mekelburg's.
A New York federal judge ruled on Wednesday that President Trump can no longer block citizens on Twitter, dealing a searing blow to our very mad and extremely online leader.
"I had been feeling this way for the last month, but the awful continuance revelations of the last week compounded my guilt ten fold," he said.
He's left the city over death threats, though.
The chain is launching the cheese dip nation wide. But why?
On Sunday morning, the official POTUS account tweeted a Wrestlemania video of Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo photoshopped over his head.
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