Sarah Jeong called them 'satire.'
"There's a hidden message in that, and it is: be careful if you are prepared to dissent."
Brands are people too, you know? And people really should know better by now.
Follow along as Officers Vlack and Cano bring Forest Hills scumbags to justice by any means necessary.
It's understandable that fans are frustrated by this lost season—but one fan took things a bit too far by making threats at the world's #1 Eagles aficionado James Dolan on Twitter.
They love it they hate it they love it they hate it...
A tweet NY Times film critic A.O. Scott made about "Inside Llewyn Davis" showed up as a full-page print ad in today's Times.
Before the crazy winds start tossing pumpkins all around, everyone can probably use a few laughs. Below, check out some of our favorite tweets, from MTA Chairman Joe Lhota to El Bloombito.
There were plenty of Dorothy/Wizard of Oz references and lots of hipster bashing among the tornado tweets today. We're just pleased to report that the spicy local culture of Brooklyn and Queens has survived.
Some people don't know the Titanic was real, making the 100th anniversary of the tragedy even more tragic.
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