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Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Ground Zero mosque hater, has invested 1.5% of his fortune in Twitter.

The satirical newspaper The Onion is facing Twitter criticism today after tweeting a story about congress taking a group of schoolchildren hostage. [Update Below]

Minutes after Troy Davis was controversially executed last night, the Post tweeted: "Yankees clinch AL East. -In other news cop killer #TroyDavis died of lethal injection."

A man unbelievably harnessed the power of Twitter to conjure up a steak at Newark Airport on Wednesday.

This morning, the Fox News Twitter account, Fox News Politics, was

Mikest's Flickr Less than twelve hours after Kenneth Cole was scolded

via MTV Lil Wayne will cap off his first days of

NYC Transit is having fun with Twitter, and today started a

Trinity Church is making the most of Twitter: The Wall Street

We cannot wait for this to hit a future Law &