According to the AG, the new cable company sucks as much as the old cable company.
TWC has “been failing to take adequate or necessary steps to keep pace with the demand of [their] consumers," to no one's surprise.
Charter, which is owned by a billionaire opposed to Net-Neutrality, has stepped forward to buy Time Warner Cable.
Don't plug the cable cord back in just yet, streaming is still your best option.
Was your bill $9 more last month?
The blackout has been briefly lifted.
In addition to adopting the same innovative scheduling practices as dentists and barbers, TWC will now offer late-night appointments.
The Water Closet News? Pshaw. Save NY1!
One of the companies most closely associated with the "cut the cable cord" movement is now streaming cable TV.
Remember those modem fees TWC announced in October? The lawyers behind two class action suits sure do.
Everyone from Time Warner Cable to Morgan Stanley is getting in on the action.
In the end, Time Warner Cable is doing the right thing.
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