The turtles were hidden underneath bags of noodles and candy.
A New Jersey man has admitted to placing rare turtles inside tube socks, which were then placed inside boxes, which were then shipped to others interested in owning endangered turtles and a free pair of tube socks.
Waves of dead turtles are washing up on Long Island beaches, and researchers are scrambling to figure out why.
An Upper West Side wildlife rehabilitator has been saddled with 620 tiny turtles, after the Department of Environmental Conservation seized them from a Chinatown warehouse and dumped them on her.
If there a national turtle contest, Brooklyn would win. Check out these three tiny turtles who just hatched in Prospect Park.
The turtles that have been using JFK's runways as a mating spot are now being removed to a safe habitat.
Because we could all use a little cute animal news right about now.
Almost exactly a year ago, a large group of pregnant turtles caused massive delays at JFK airport as they crossed a runway very...very...slowly. And according to reports, it's happened again this morning!
Red-eared slider turtles have pushed native turtle populations out of NYC's parks. Blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
A possible solution for the runway-happy turtles at JFK: move them to Prospect Park?
Air traffic audio has emerged regarding the nearly 200 turtles that overtook the runways at JFK yesterday.
Turtles are taking over the runways at JFK this morning, causing undeniably cute travel delays.
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