One of our newest traditions is watching videos of firefighters show how NOT to deep-fry turkeys.
'The DFW advises residents to use a broom, garden hose, or air horn to scare the birds and reinforce their natural fear of people.'
It's a bird eat bird world out there, man.
Video shows a group of men in blazers dragging a young man out, while he is punched in the face by at least two different men.
Officials believe that he skipped probation and is living in Turkey.
They marched from the consulate to Times Square.
It's a down-to-earth destination, where you're more likely to find locals having tea, shopping for groceries or hanging out with friends.
In the week leading up to the holiday, City Harvest will deliver 12,000 turkeys across the five boroughs.
Franklin has never seen the ocean, and other Franklin facts.
The Turkish bread is rolled and shaped into a ring, making it kind of like a bagel and pretzel hybrid.
Now this?
In When Harry Met Sally, what she was really having was a plain turkey sandwich.
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