The Jehovah's Witnesses occupied a series of tunnels under their Brooklyn Heights headquarters. Here's a look inside.
The Gateway Tunnel project is expected to receive a fresh injection of funding after President Trump signed a federal spending bill that included $650 million for Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.
"They'll be illuminated from dusk to dawn and just imagine the possibilities..."
This may include completely closing the tunnel on weekdays.
As Gwyneth Paltrow's husband once predicted, everything is all yellow in the tunnels under Manhattan's East Side.
Photos can't convey the awe you feel when you step out of an elevator into the 65-foot-tall cavern that will become the 86th Street station, but we'll try anyway.
Above, you can check out some impressive new photos from the tunnels of the massive East Side Access tunnels, in case you were worried everyone forgot about this project.
Do you know about the abandoned trolley tunnel under Grand Central?
Did you know that the MTA has tunnel fans set up which can help cool particularly hot stations? They do. Just not in all the stations, and they only use them on special occasions.
Beneath New York City lies a vast network of abandoned tunnels, caverns, nooks and crannies that the average joe will never see. Until now. This week we visit the stunning Knickerbocker sewer extension underneath Bushwick!
Just in time for 9/11's diamond anniversary would-be terrorists in online forums are eyeing our bridges, tunnels.
Ever want to explore the underside of the infrastructure of the
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