Tucker carlson

The mayor appears on Tucker Carlson and the word 'defecation' is used a lot.
If you ever find yourself getting chased by Tucker Carlson, just hide in a Penn Station bathroom, which he is desperately afraid of.
So you're terrified of running into a snakehead fish now—below, you'll find our handy three step guide to killing one.
Dear god, won't somebody think of Tucker Carlson?
You know that middle aged dude in the dorky Dad poncho you've seen fly fishing in Central Park? Yeah, it turns out that might have been Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.
Photograph of Bill, Chelsea, and Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night by
Dave Rubin is a standup comedian, one of the creators and stars
Gothamist used to remember when we'd have a good idea of
Al Sharpton will host Saturday Night Live on December 6. This, plus
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