Tsa follies

The Delta worker allegedly used his airline security badge to sneak into the airport's secure areas, somehow eventually getting onboard the plane.
Our latest installment in the popular "TSA Follies" security theater series comes to us from JFK Airport, where a TSA agent discharged pepper spray that was confiscated at a checkpoint.
A TSA inspector who stuffed a fake bomb down his pants was able to get past security at Newark airport last month, passing through the magnetometer and a pat-down without being detained.
A three-year-old girl who suffers from spina bifida was reduced to tears by TSA screeners on her way to a family vacation in Florida earlier this month.
A Fort Worth grandmother who was traveling to Minnesota for treatment at the Mayo Clinic says TSA agents at Dallas Love Field humiliated her during a pat-down.
Watch out TSA: in Florida airports, passengers grope you:
Part of a busy terminal at Newark International Airport was evacuated and shut down for over an hour this afternoon after TSA screeners decided that a baby had slipped through security without a proper inspection.
The irate parents of a 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy claim the TSA made them miss their flight after forcing their daughter to go through security twice. The TSA says they simply followed proper protocol.
Want to file a complaint against the TSA? No problemo, just fill out this form with handwritten note instructing you to "GO TO HELLLLLL!"
While passing through a TSA screening checkpoint at JFK airport recently, we overheard one TSA worker remark, "I've been stuck in this fu*king hellhole for eight fu*king years." We're glad we didn't say anything.
An antique dagger was meant for protection.
The boy's mother says that the theft was "disgusting and a violation of my son's trust," not to mention that he did all that honor-roll work for nothing!
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