Trumps america

Paladino's campaign director has openly engaged with white supremacists online.
Anti-immigrant posters linked to a violent neo-Nazi group were found in Sunnyside this past weekend.
The Brooklyn man who last week stuck dozens of dildos to the "Charging Bull" sculpture on Wall Street has been fined.
A video posted to Facebook earlier this week shows a driver in Long Island repeatedly and aggressively referring to a black man as the n-word.
A berserk racist was caught on tape lashing out at fellow bus-riders, and threatening to have them deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
President Trump is now asking for more time to reunite families that were separated at the border.
It remains unclear whether the federal government has any plans for reuniting the separated kids them with their families.
Hundreds of New Yorkers descended on LaGuardia Airport, where they unfurled signs reading "Bienvenidos a New York" and sung Mexican folk songs.
In some cases, kids taken from their parents are sent to foster centers thousands of miles, where they may have no way of contacting their families.
'You know, I can take you to any nursery and you're going to hear the exact same things as a mother has to leave for work and has to leave her child at daycare. You're going to hear those exact same things, OK?'
The NYCLU estimates that 200 children taken from their parents at the border are currently living in the New York area.
Meanwhile, delivery places near the Fort Hamilton base say that guards there have a reputation for hassling deliverymen.
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