It is not everyday that you see a vehicle that screams, "Return my treasures to me, and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla."
A special fine program saved the 10 most heavily fined companies in 2018 as much as $20.4 million on their summonses, according to a report.
The NYC Department of Sanitation is flexing its salt mountains, sending a clear message to Winter that we are ready to rumble.
"As you can see from the video it just looked like a fireworks show."
"Avoid the bridge at all costs," a Port Authority spokesman says.
The boy's uncle wrote Bloomberg: "Though we are all grieving for the loss of our young relative, I must take a moment to express our outrage at your colossal insensitivity and total lack of compassion."
A tractor trailer truck collided with an SUV earlier this evening on the BQE, getting lodged under a bridge and bringing traffic to a halt.
71 percent of pedestrians killed by large trucks were struck by the front of the vehicle, and common sense dictates that drivers need to see what is in front of them.
That's great, it start with an earthquake, birds and snakes and airplanes, Lenny Bruce is not afraid.
The End Times have been spotted cruising around Manhattan today. Is it really a coincidence that Chelsea Handler is coming to town on the same day as Judgement Day?
(via) Some Bay Ridgers are shouting NIMBY, claiming truckers are turning
A 28-truck convoy was transporting 500 tons of steel beams from the
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