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Police say the victim struck the officer with his vehicle and the officer then shot him—but witnesses say that the officer shot first, before the vehicle rolled into him.

Edson Thevenin was shot and killed by a police officer on April 17th. On April 22nd, a grand jury ruled that Sergeant Randall French would not be indicted.

The Troy, NY man is accused of filming his sexual encounters with a number of children, including one under the age of 5.

It is vitally important to learn what the candidates' favorite movies are.

Irene may have seemed like more of a hurrican't when she waltzed through NYC, but upstate and New England got clobbered.

Another slice of Park Slope life from Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.

We already covered the Super Bowl half time show alternatives, but what

Millions of people flocked to Eastern Parkway to celebrate the West

Senator Larry Craig, whose guilty plea to a disorderly conduct misdemeanor at

Last night, a woman was killed outside her Staten Island home. The