A HuffPost story revealed an anti-Muslim extremist troll was the sister of the owner of the beer and food shop Mekelburg's.
She'll take your meanest internet comment, make it into a cake, and ship it to the internet commenter who wronged you.
Because the only thing that can stop a bad guy with no pants is a good guy with extra pants on.
Trevor Noah saw the #BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag as just the latest example of racists latching onto a pop culture property and complaining about diversity.
"I believe Edward Scissorhands is a hero and was unfairly treated by the American people."
"Okay, here's how ignorant Mayor de Blasio is," Giuliani said Friday morning shortly before the 9/11 memorial ceremony.
De Blasio responded to Giuliani's faux-humanitarianism: "I think he’s delusional."
"I hate to mention it because of what happened afterwards, but [Obama should be saying] the kinds of stuff Bill Cosby used to say," said Giuliani.
Unless the officer's name is Clancy Wiggum, most cops don't appreciate being mocked about donut-consumption while being trolled by the public.
Inheritance is on the rise. "So what?"
Is this for real? In short, no.
Next time you're thinking about shucking in public, do remember to bring a classy tray table. [Update: is anything real anymore?]
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