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Using Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Robert Smigel is able to cut through the political bullshit long enough to take a poop all over our ridiculous electoral process.

"If Sen. Sanders is here, who is going to bring Marty back to the future?"

"You're exactly like the real Spider-Man, except when your senses are tingling, it's bedbugs."

If you've ever wanted to see a dog puppet passionately hump a terrified lizard while making small talk, this is the video for you.

"I have noticed that tonight's game represents the largest penis size differential in the history of World Cup sports. Arigato, arigato, arigato."

Triumph went to various bars around Astoria to soak in the "flashmob of horrible BO" and hilariously poop on World Cup fans.

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog visited "Yeast Infection Park" and gave his two cents on Occupy Wall Street: "what would a protest be without a drum circle, besides bearable?" Watch below.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog never seems to run out of