Trinity church

Disney will build a 1 million-square foot complex on the entire block from Varick to Hudson and between Spring and Vandam.
This happened in Lower Manhattan yesterday.
At $350,000 apiece, two vaults in the East Village are the only in-ground burial plots for sale on the island of Manhattan.
Former Mayor Ed Koch will be buried at Trinity Church in Washington Heights on Monday.
Occupy Wall Street demonstrators arrested at Duarte Square on December 17, 2011 had their day in court this morning.
"Our savior Jesus Christ would never press charges against his brothers and sisters for walking on land, for steeping into a lot, on soil."
With the 100th day of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests coming up tomorrow, OWS have planned for a day of protest, food and prayer where it all started in Zuccotti Park.
According to the protesters' release, the are performances by Lou Reed, Craig Nelson, Titus Andronicus, and "many more" through 7 p.m., but the "possible coordinated action at 3pm" seems to be the main event.
The NYPD confirmed the arrests but couldn't confirm the charges, which a spokesperson for the strike said were for trespassing.
Occupy Wall Street has taken a new park at 6th Avenue and Canal Street, by the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.
Trinity Church is making the most of Twitter: The Wall Street
As most of yesterday's political news attention was on the fate of
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