The teen was brutally murdered after gang members dragged him from a bodega.
The boy had hoped to become a police detective.
The owner also said he told the boy to run to the hospital because the ambulance was taking too long to come.
A video had shown the 15-year-old bleeding to death and passers-by helping, with police officers standing around.
The attack may be linked to the Trinitarios.
Thousands have attended wake for the boy.
Lesandro Guzman-Felix was slashed with knives and machetes on a Bronx sidewalk last week.
One drug ring was run by the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang, prosecutors said.
A source tells the Post that there's been an increase in fights among Crips and Trinitario gang members because the Correction Department began housing the two together in the same detention center.
Besides the Bad Barbies, other factions of the Trinitarios include the "Bad Boys," "El Combo," "Violating All Bitches," and the "One Seven Hoes."
Just last year around this time word was circulating amongst the
After yesterday's pre-dawn raids in Washington Heights and the Bronx to
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