'We wanted to memorialize the outpouring of love from the community for Aretha Franklin and in consultation with local leaders we agreed that 'respect' was a beautiful tribute and worthy message.'
Although an MTA spokesman said they had no plans to take down some of the tributes that had gone up earlier this week, some have already been removed and painted over.
New Yorkers have been paying tribute to Cohen by putting flowers, letters, photos and more outside the famed Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan.
There are numerous opportunities to honor his memory by dancing, drinking, and eating. It's what he would want.
Springsteen performed "Rebel Rebel," SNL brought Fred Armisen on to speak about his love for Bowie, and Arcade Fire led a second line march through New Orleans.
SpaghettiOs is feeling the internet outrage today after they tweeted a cheerful photo of their mascot holding an American flag and smiling manically in honor of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
A lot of New Yorkers are suffering from Banksy withdrawal, but a few people have channeled that energy into creating some neat tributes to NYC's favorite tourist.
A fitting film farewell to another New York City institution fading into history.
Seymour Hersh on being scooped by Wallace: "The Old Man had shown me his moves, and taken my candy away."
"She was a treasure on a global scale and, on a personal note, with our church family. We’re asking everyone to pray for her family at this hour," said Rev. Joe A. Carter last night.
You can now drown your memories of that painful day with commemorative booze: a Long Island winery has created a 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Merlot and a 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Chardonnay.
Natasha Richardson at last year's Tribeca Film Festival Last night Natasha
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