The victim, a 43-year-old man, was taken to a hospital where he died.
According to Triathlon director Bill Burke, the woman hailed from Elmhurst, Illinois, and went into cardiac arrest twice.
A 64-year-old man died during the swimming leg of the race, and a 40-year woman was also injuring swimming the 1.5 kilometers in the Hudson River.
Tomorrow is the Nautica Triathlon, a steely test of endurance with swimming in the Hudson, biking on the Henry Hudson Parkway and running through Central Park. But last night was the fun Underwear Run!
Photographic evidence doesn't appear to confirm the theory that it's a "bikes-only affair." In fact, there were plenty of non-terrorists enjoying horn-free thoroughfares and pop-up sandboxes.
The hot, humid weather made the Nautica NYC Triathlon—a 1.5K swim, a
While some of you have been enjoying a lazy Sunday morning,
photograph by d_savage on Flickr Today is going to be downright
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