Jail funding is as high as ever, even though there are far fewer people behind bars
Kevin Alvarez, one of two people who dragged the teenager onto the sidewalk, is expected to testify in an upcoming trial.
Durst's incriminating final words in the film were apparently cut out of order.
Before her downfall and arrest, Sorokin had enjoyed a glamorous life, attending fancy parties, living in boutique NYC hotels, taking lavish international trips, and sticking to a beauty regimen that included "$800 highlights" and "$400 eyelash extensions."
Actresses, including Marisa Tomei and Amber Tamblyn, appeared wearing Time's Up items.
Raniere's lawyer penned a 13-page plea—complete with footnotes and appendix—for his client's release pending trial.
Remember that time Sean Penn accidentally led authorities straight to El Chapo?
The family of Delrawn Small, who was killed last July, dismissed the argument as propaganda.
Within minutes of the trial's start, Rahimi had to be escorted out of the courtroom for causing a disruption.
Office James Frascatore maintained that he handled the botched arrest correctly, citing safety concerns as a justification for the tackle and for not immediately identifying himself as a cop.
"It made me ill to be persuaded to vote not guilty on those counts," one of the jurors said.
Following the conviction, Martin Shkreli took to his YouTube livestream to celebrate the decision, congratulate himself in the third person, and play a portion of his one-of-kind Wu-Tang album.
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