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A Trey Anastasio documentary, anniversary screenings of 'Reality Bites' and 'Say Anything,' a special re-release of 'Apocalypse Now,' and Danny Boyle's Beatles movie are among the highlights of this years TIFF.

Say what you want about Phish, you can't accuse them of skimping on the NYE balloon budget.

The Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts in Red Hook, Brooklyn continued yesterday, and it was heartening to see a surfeit of volunteers, donated supplies, and rock stars pouring into the waterfront neighborhood.

A Hands on a Hardbody rock musical composed by Phish frontman Trey Anastasio is coming to Broadway.

Fans of Phish, the Clinton-era jam band road hogs, had high hopes

With Trey Anastasio getting in so much trouble lately (see: drug possesion

What? No New Year's plans? Leaving it a bit late, no? Forget

Gothamist is happy that people are still raising money for the Tsunami