A self-shot video of three teenagers successfully sneaking onto the new Tappan Zee Bridge ultimately lead to their own arrest and misdemeanor trespassing charges.
Police rescued then arrested a 25-year-old man after he was caught climbing a crane on the 71st-story of a building in Lower Manhattan last night.
New York skaters are spoiled for choice.
Two Aussie millennials were cuffed after they allegedly climbed onto an off-limits area of the Brooklyn Bridge and started snapping selfies.
"There was pot everywhere...There was a knife and a pair of panties on our bed. That was pretty interesting."
The mystery man is nowhere to be found.
Earlier this year, the city agreed to pay out millions in a class action suit and reform NYPD policing strategy in NYCHA buildings.
Senator Chuck Schumer wants to crack down on thrill-seekers looking to get their kicks by breaking into city landmarks and other places where civilized society, according to him, doesn't belong.
If your Friday isn't progressing exactly as planned, remember that at least authorities didn't have to extract you from the pipe of a New Jersey water treatment plant.
"A vestibule of a building, the outer area of a building, is still private property and therefore an arrest would be proper," an NYPD officer testified in court yesterday.
The woman apparently managed her charade for two weeks.
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