The state launched Sustain and Serve in December 2020, and many restaurants and nonprofits say it's still critical to their survival.
Eight bills would further regulate New Jersey’s already strict gun laws.
Mercer County Superior Court Judge Robert Lougy is weighing whether to find the state liable for the racial composition of its schools, but it’s unclear when he will issue his decision.
She says that after she was brutally beaten and gang-raped, local law enforcement accused her of being a prostitute and drug addict.
Three children were kept in a room with the decaying body, while another child was kept in a basement, surviving by eating bacon grease.
Two young boys were found living in an unheated, dirty storage unit in New Jersey yesterday after their mother was arrested for allegedly slashing her boyfriend's car tires.
In a recent two-day gun buy back officials say they took in more than 2,600 firearms including a rocket launcher, semi-automatic rifles, sawed-off shotguns and more.
It's all about a $119,000 bribe.
Environmental groups have sued to stop New Jersey's six-day black bear hunt after 589 of the animals were killed last year.
It's a pizzeria showdown between a beloved NYC joint that started selling pizzas in 1905 and an upstart in Trenton, NJ that started its pizza business in 1912.
Prosecutors say that preliminary forensics tests found no traces of DNA
Last week the Times reported on a new program in Princeton
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