Trent benefield

A Queens man who survived the infamous Sean Bell shooting is
Photograph taken in December 2006 by Casa de Darnoc on Flickr
One of two friends in Sean Bell's car on November 25, 2006
If lawyers for the detectives involved in the Sean Bell case
On November 25, 2006, groom-to-be Sean Bell and his friends were
Trent Benefield, one of the victims in the undercover police shooting of
On August 9, 1997, a 30-year-old Haitian immigrant taken into police
Lawyers for the detectives Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora, and Marc Cooper, the
The NY Post reveals what many people were wondering in the Sean
Three detectives were charged in the November 2006 shooting of Sean
At 7AM, the three detectives indicted in the shooting of Sean Bell
Update: The NYPD will have to be on alert on Monday
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