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There have been at least two tree-related fatalities since the weekend.

The climate problem was so detrimental last year that it squeezed the global supply of maple syrup. Unabated, it could even end maple syrup production on this side of the northern border.

A nationwide analysis shows that increasing temperatures and rising carbon dioxide levels will intensify and extend the pollen season in the Northeast.

Send a shell-pink flare into the sky, for the time of our erubescence is upon us. Cherry blossom trees around the city have started to bloom.

"I think this is a really important part of dealing with climate change that doesn't get enough attention. It is really fundamental in terms of improving our abilities to cope with heat stress, especially for urban dwellers."

"I have enormous respect for essential workers, but the plan here would ruin an amazing green space in Battery Park."

Today is gonna be the day that you wanna go over to BBG and frolic amongst them.

More than 3,000 fully grown trees were uprooted across the five boroughs, the most since Hurricane Sandy, when more than 10,000 trees came crashing down.