Tree branch

The victim was apparently beaten to death with a tree branch.
Two people walking in the park found the corpse after spotting blood and following its trail.
Fortunately, she survived with a broken arm and chipped teeth.
An unidentified woman was hospitalized after being struck by a falling tree branch at 86th Street near Central Park West this afternoon.
We know that the economic crisis is hitting us all hard, but we thought there were still some professions that were essentially recession-proof.
Yesterday's blustery day, with winds up to 43 mph, was dangerous:
A photograph of some damage from Brooklynian Ending his alleged months-
Karla Del Gallo with baby Gianna; tree branch (1010 WINS) After
Just after 12:30 p.m., there were reports of a tree branch falling
The 46-year-old pedestrian who was struck and killed by a 100-pound
Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, with his daughter The 33-year-old man who was struck
With his family keeping vigil at the hospital, 33-year-old man remains
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