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The governor emphasized that the vaccine "remains one of our greatest weapons in fighting the pandemic."

COVID safety is all about layering on different types of protection. Here's how New Yorkers can approach the various options.

The State Department says that people who need passports expect it will take six months to get one.

The mayor also revealed roughly 65,000 public school educators and staffers have received at least one dose, representing just under half of the system's workforce.

"Especially with the variants, we want to limit how they move throughout our country, therefore, having people going without any quarantine is worrisome to me."

The globally spreading contagion is making New Yorkers rethink their overseas trips.

The NAACP says the airline's employees have a pattern of 'troublesome conduct' that black travelers should take into consideration.

All located conveniently off I-95 or one of Connecticut's commuter rail lines.