Trash talking

A new rivalry may have been born today when Raptors GM and Knicks troll Masai Ujiri declared "Fuck Brooklyn" at a rally this morning.
It's Brooklyn's world, the Knicks just live in it.
With the Knicks and Nets facing off in their final "Battle Of The Borough" of the season, we deployed our basketbal beat writers to elevate the conversation, and trash talk this out.
"We have our time, we have our down time. She works, I work, but we have our time. We make it work."
"From now on, all NBA games should be filled with athletes incorporating national brands into their taunting. 'Yo mama's so fat she should switch to Chobani non-fat Greek yogurt, now with active probiotics!'"
Mets closer Frank Francisco did his best to jab the Yankees the other day: “I can’t wait to face those chickens." And another Mets pitcher ended up bringing a live chicken into the clubhouse!
Trash has been talked, guarantees have been made, and the whole
The grandmother who dissed A-Rod after her grandson Dallas Braden of
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