Trash cans

A counter intuitive pilot program aimed at reducing garbage in subway stations by removing trash cans appears, against all logic, to be working.
"The MTA should toss out this plan and put the garbage cans back," quips City Council member Jessica Lappin.
Will people actually carry their trash outside instead of throwing it on the tracks or leaving it on the platform?
The MTA's experiment, in which it removes trash cans from stations to reduce station litter, is going to expand to a few more stations this summer.
Remember last year when the MTA decided to try an experiment and remove the trash cans two subway stops? And how we were all kind of skeptical? Well, it apparently has been working.
If you take away the subway platform trash cans, will there be less subway platform trash? The MTA is very interested in finding an answer to that very zen question.
In case you're wondering whether the rats have started fortifying themselves for the storm underneath garbage can forts...fear not.
The old look, left (martinstelbring's flickr), and the new look, right
City Councilman David Yassky announced a plan yesterday for the city to
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