Transportation security administration

Yesterday, the TSA held a demonstration showing how quickly "prepared" travelers can pass through security checks compared with those who forget they packed their large water bottle or scissors.
Your artwork with a grenade, no matter how whimsical it is, is forbidden. Also, you should really check your ice climbing axes.
Also still not allowed: novelty baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, ski poles and billiards cues, liquids exceeding three ounces.
What could go wrong?
Way back in 2008, ProPublica reporter Michael Grabell submitted a public records request for filed complaints made against the TSA. But it seems like agents got pretty busy, because the files were released this week.
Less than a week after a woman stripped naked while going through security screening at Denver Airport, a man has followed, ahem, suit, by strutting through screening at Portland International Airport naked as a jaybird.
If this is Rand Paul looking "irate," we don't want to see him furious.
The TSA has finally gotten around to apologizing to the elderly women who were strip-searched at the JetBlue terminal at JFK over the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, sort of.
Another day, another older woman comes forward with tales of woe from the TSA!
Another granny has come forward saying she was strip searched at security leaving JFK after the Thanksgiving holidays.
An 85-year-old grandmother from Long Island also suffered a nasty gash to her leg during the strip search.
The boy's mother says that the theft was "disgusting and a violation of my son's trust," not to mention that he did all that honor-roll work for nothing!
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