Transportation alternatives

"The moral of the story is we know Open Streets work, but they need to work in many more areas."
A large coalition wants the mayoral candidates to envision more streets without cars, and more bike lanes by 2025.
Today we seem no closer to a humane balance on our streets between bikes and motorized vehicles than we did 20 years ago.
'This is just like white lawyers representing black people in the south having crosses burned on their lawn.'
For a pizza fest that will actually get you a full belly, look no further than this fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives that involves pizza and public transportation.
A new type of pedestrian-friendly traffic signal may soon come to 25 high-crash intersections within the city.
Plans to seize 14th Street from private vehicle domination.
"This horrific case should lead New York City to a moment of reckoning about the success of its Vision Zero initiative."
"We are especially outraged by reports of NYPD investigators exonerating motorists at crash scenes," Transportation Alternatives said.
Get on your bikes and ride.
The bill would allow cyclists to take advantage of intersections that use "leading pedestrian intervals," or walk signals that appear before green lights.
Gothamist and Transportation Alternatives' contest for new solutions to the coming L train shutdown has officially begun.
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