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David Mack has for months argued with top MTA officials over his parking privileges.

The MTA needed the waiver to open the long-stalled station before the end of the year.

TSA says it found a loaded gun on Thanksgiving at Newark Airport – the 14th gun of this year, and the third of this month

New York is expected to shatter Thanksgiving holiday travel records this year, so Gothamist spoke with Gridlock Sam for tips and tricks of the road.

Advocates and families of crash victims gathered in Brownsville, Brooklyn on Sunday to commemorate those killed by motorists in the city this year.

Police said the fatal crash remains under investigation.

The city launched a pilot last year to test the safety of electric scooter rentals in the East Bronx. With no deaths reported, officials want to make the two-wheelers permanent.

The busy, roundabout intersection is a pain point for drivers and pedestrians alike.

The project has already faced more than two decades of delays. If the feds deny a last-minute request for a waiver, its completion could be pushed back more than two months to March 2023.

Executives at the company previously expressed a willingness to do the “dancing” to the state’s narrative. Suddenly, that’s changed.