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The release of the filings comes months after Eric Adams initially doubled down in keeping them private.

The state health department is no longer requiring schools to report cases, but a health expert worries the closure of the COVID-19 Report Card is coming at an inopportune time.

Home tests offer the convenience of knowing if you’re positive before you step outside, but PCR testing remains the best window for tracking how the coronavirus spreads through the community.

A survey of 1,000 hospitals nationwide found that only about 14% were in full compliance with price transparency regulations — and none of the 12 hospitals analyzed in New York City and Long Island were among them.

An executive order that Governor Cuomo signed in 2013 left opportunities for agencies to evade sharing data with the public.

"There are steps she could take to make the existing, and in some cases, fatally flawed systems, still work better."

"I have nothing to hide. Anyone who came into this role with something to hide would be crazy."

'It would be easier to trust the governor and MTA's numbers if we could see the data for ourselves.'

The report corroborates more than a dozen incidents stretching back to at least 2003.

The department has been ignoring this requirement since it was created in 2006.