Transit workers union

Brandon Jobson, 22, has been charged with two counts of assault for the incidents.
The Transit Workers Union is warning about a 'possible' serial attacker.
The contract will be presented to the executive board meeting tomorrow, and employees will vote on it within the next two weeks.
The MTA says that its advertising contractor deemed the ads to be political, which isn't allowed.
"We're just like sitting ducks."
The average transit worker salary will be $75,000, according to one analysis of the deal.
Maybe there will be a contract. Maybe not.
Is the infamous former union leader looking for a demotion for political or personal reasons?
Don't worry about a transit strike... yet.
TWU Local 100 has been doing everything they can to try to get the city to clean up the rats from the rails. They've launched a rat photo contest to raise awareness—a reverse beauty contest.
Nearly six years ago the Transit Workers Union Local 100 nearly brought the city to a standstill. Now the MTA is renegotiating their contract and hoping to not repeat that exercise.
Today, over 200 MTA workers are turning in their work badges
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