Transit workers

About 24% of MTA workers who responded to a survey form said they had been infected with COVID-19.
The contract will be presented to the executive board meeting tomorrow, and employees will vote on it within the next two weeks.
Governor Cuomo says straphangers will not be served with a fare hike.
With assaults on transit workers up a reported 40 percent, the MTA and Transit Union want to help you help them.
The TWU Local 100 will ask the New York State Supreme Court for a restraining order against the city and the NYPD preventing further "forced use" of Local 100's bus drivers.
Hey, if firefighters and men with cats can have calendars, why not city bus drivers?
While one union official tells the paper that this near-miss on Northern Boulevard in Queens "nearly struck a woman pushing a baby," we don't see it.
Walder explains himself (MTA/Patrick Cashin). Five years ago this week transit
MTA/Patrick Cashin MTA chairman Jay Walder recently bashed union work rules
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