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Update: They have now canceled the Haunted Subway.

Video shows that three of the men approach the officer, who shouts 'Step back! Step back! I don't want to hurt you!'

He says he tried to intervene when the dancers started harassing a Jewish man for not tipping them.

"I turned sideways and he pushed harder to the point that I was bending over," the victim said.

But don't start flashing your iPhones around just yet!

A colleague says Dones is skilled at spotting subway thieves: "He has the eyes. He has the X-Ray vision." He also apparently has a voice "just like Al Pacino."

Sergeant Nelson Fernandez's claims that his supervisor suggestive sucked his pen, called him "sexy," and inappropriately rubbed his arms on duty.

While getting one ticket for walking between subway cars, an area man got a second ticket for keeping his hands in his pockets.

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