Transgender rights

Advocates say police bias against transgender people, especially people of color, is pervasive.
Criminal justice advocates want solitary confinement to be entirely prohibited immediately.
"It’s demeaning to be forced to carry identity documentation that is inconsistent with my identity."
Officers were "confused" about how often they were supposed to check on the 27-year-old transgender woman, found dead in her cell on Rikers last summer.
The broker told a prospective tenant she couldn't rent "near people or children" and made lewd comments about her gender identity.
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the plans to rename the 11-acre waterfront park in honor of Johnson at this weekend's Human Rights Campaign Gala.
A transgender immigrant from Honduras claims they’re too afraid to express their gender identity while in immigration detention, and should be released for health and safety reasons.
Their plea: pass a bill, currently sitting in the Senate rules committee, that would repeal the so-called “walking while trans ban."
"Democracy demands that all of us raise our voices to this man, who not once but five times was a draft dodger," Public Advocate Letitia James said.
Now public schools will not be able to force trans students to use facilities that conflict with their gender identity.
One victim suffered a fractured jaw, and another was slashed.
The guidance comes weeks after Washington announced a significant trans rights rollback.
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