As the march wound its way downtown, protesters chanted "ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS."
New York City’s backlogged immigration court is now full of cases that were delayed due to the pandemic, and the extra wait is agonizing for one transgender woman in Queens.
The incident happened last Friday at a subway station in Harlem.
Officers charged a transgender woman in the Bronx with identity theft after handcuffing her to a cell overnight, and subjecting her to sustained harassment, according to a lawsuit.
'My life is over. I don't give a shit.'
A new city proposal would allow adults who don't identify as male or female to select a gender of 'X' on their birth certificates, while letting transgender New Yorkers change their gender markers without the approval of a physician.
The news came more than two weeks after the victim's death.
The bill would have prohibited discrimination against individuals due to their gender identity or expression.
One of the women suffered a broken ankle.
They also issued an official apology.
Eligibility for scouts will now be determined by their stated gender identity.
A Jersey chapter of the Boy Scouts of America may face a lawsuit for booting the boy from his Cub Scout troop.
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