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Officially retired in 2003, Redbird Car #9075 is on the auction block at the low, low starting price of just $6,500.

Ride the rails this summer in the same machinery that New Yorkers used in the early 20th century.

Both endured terrible trauma. But the time and support they got to heal was different.

When a train pulls into the subway station it sounds like the first three notes of the Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim collaboration 'Somewhere.'

The MTA, which saw more workers die from COVID than any other agency in the city, still isn’t mandating vaccines from its workforce of 50,000 employees.

After Hurricane Sandy, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority committed $7.7 billion toward sea level resiliency. The investment will only protect the transit system for a limited period of time.

If you take the subway, you'll be seeing "Smelling the Wind" by Audre Lorde and "A Night in a World" by Heather McHugh.

The MTA worker died after falling on the train tracks about 5 a.m. this morning.

Jose Reyes was arrested Sunday afternoon, according to the NYPD.