The NY State police says that the Maserati one NYPD officer was driving hit a tree and then landed on its back.
The son is believed to be the child from the illegal affair.
Their parents moved from Maine to raise their girls in New York City.
Since launching an effort to phase out the cluster site program, the city has managed to eliminate 450 of 3,600 total units.
The radiator's valve may have "popped off."
"With carbon monoxide, you can’t smell it and can’t see it, so they just fell asleep."
"It could've been any of us."
An aunt called the husband "mentally unstable."
"My infant died in the care of a stranger, when he should have been with me. Our culture demanded it."
A friend said the man's body was "squashed" between floors.
The 22-year-old's funeral in Georgia was full of recriminations.
She was the sole heir to her mother's estate.
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